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It is an inherent quality of human beings to get entertainment from any good thing. Here, this website presents you all very interesting literary products which tell you essence of life.

    The object  this website is very simple and wide.This brings you stories that you have not experienced. The creams from such a novel that tells you about terrorists and their twisted and evil interpretation of religion for their own interest. You will be able to know their mercilessly killing of innocent people and torture and oppression on poor women for not obeying their fatwas. You will also read how women conquer terroris and finished them forever from the world with the help of country wide non-violent movement lead by a few muslim women. But this is not an end. There are more causes for the more entertainment from various articles on various topics.

    The mission of this website is to make aware every body about the eveil elemnts who snatch the happiness and peace from the world and appropriate measures really required to eradicate them.

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      My website justifies the meaning of slogan ‘Read for Entertainment’ when you will read every page of interesting stories, extract from non-fiction & fiction book (of contemporary literary genre) and articles on various topics of interest related to the current stream of happenings. Since all those writings are based on reality of past and present environment, you will enjoy more and more as if it were from your own life.


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  Pritis C Majumdar   Introduction:  The father of our Indian Constitution was too wise and very ideal personality. His view about the normal Indian people was much high in respect of honesty, patriotism, love for motherland, character, duty and right to the nation etc..He could not...

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                                       Enemies of God

                A contemprary women's novel of eradication of terrorism for progress, happiness, love and peace

It is a fiction of tales of a teller, Sam Roy who told stories after stories from his memoirs to his grand-daughter on women.

Sam Roy narrated to his grand-daughter, Uma one after another stories from his memoirs how oppression, torture, endless injustice, religious clerics' anti-progressive fatwa on women made their lives hell under the cover of religious code of conduct. He described beautifully how those suffered women organised a non-violent movement against those religious leaders who were indulging in killing innocent peace-loving people, particularly women, children for their own interest in the name of religion. He detailed his experiences how patriarchal society deprived divorced women without maintenance allowing husbands to marry as number as they wished. He became much embarrassed when Uma came to know that she was a daughter of a Pakistani terrorist father and mother of Indian origin. She was terribly shocked and wept silently. Incidentally, she joined and was posted in Jammu&Kashmir as Police officer. She vowed to search her parents and ultimately got them. But was it possible for her to accept them? He also narrated a romantic love story of Hari and his lover Maria who was attempted to rape by her step father. Sam's memoirs includes eradication of terrorism from our world to bring back peace.



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